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Lighting - "We have the technology"
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Lighting Control - made easy (no new wires) swap out the old dimmer or lightswitch for a new Leviton Visia RFT then set up a Nevo Remote to control the dimmer via a wireless RF signal

Nevo Q50 - and - Nevo S70

NevoQ50 is intuitive.
NevoQ50 is a stylish one-handed universal controller that intuitively delivers complete home entertainment control. Designed with a full customizable 2.5" color touch screen and 31 programmable hand keys, the attractive NevoQ50 will accentuate the room, providing both form and function. Enjoy the simplicity of one-touch control!

- Sleek design fits comfortable in one hand
- Fully customizable color touch screen interface including large fonts and a variety of themes
- Reliable wireless control using 2-wayRF communications so your entertainment equipment can remain out of sight.

Vizia RF +